Hello! For those who know me through my social media you are most likely going to be very disappointed to find out my actual name is Chase, not Cheezus! But hopefully you can get over that and continue to support me in the most amazing way you guys already do. The reason why I started this is because I love to write and I love sports so why not get off my butt and actually show people i'm not just a model... i'm also a really good paddle tennis player but we'll get more into that later. Haha but seriously, everyone who's anyone is well aware of my sports and healthy living addiction! I like to believe I live, breathe, eat (small amounts people i'm still a model here) anything thats competitive and athletic! What you'll probably see me mostly talk about is either football or basketball. But who knows, maybe I'll spice it up a little with some boring hockey and baseball stories. I guess you'll just have to stay tuned and see.

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