2017 NBA Bracket

April 18, 2017

Well not to brag or anything but I did predict the final two and winner in my 2017 college ball bracket (Flips hair.) So not saying i'm a girl genius or anything but just putting it out there that I could very possibly be heads on for my 2017 NBA bracket prediction. But too bad I forgot and didn't do one so i'm just going to have to tell you guys on here so no one thinks I cheated when I have the perfect bracket again. 


Western conference I choose, GSW to advance to the elite eight, Clippers to beat out Utah and play Golden state to lose epically to them having the Warriors advance to my final four. Then I have OKC knocking out Houston because I fully believe in the beast mode Westbrook is about to unleash. Then have San Antonio advancing but then losing to Westbrook and his quadruplets children (his teammates.) Followed up by OKC getting knocked out by the one and only daddy D long legs (Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors.) Having Steph Curry dance his way to another opportunity for his wife to show more fire on the court then him. Haha just kidding love Steph. 


Eastern Conference I choose Chi-town advancing on knocking out the Celtics and then being knocked out themselves by the Washington Wizards who are just barely going to beat ATL. Then I have Milwaukee sending Toronto straight back to Canada after round one and going face to face with the most all round athletic team (drum roll please) THE Cleveland Cavaliers, who are ... duh... do I even have to say it? Going to beat the Pacers and the poor young Bucks.


WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Cleveland. Repeat of 2016.   






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