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April 18, 2017



Which quarterback is under the most pressure in 2017?


There was a survey I read on ESPN that asked out of five QB'S which one has the most pressure riding on them in 2017. Clearly I picked Dak Prescott who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. I mean it's been obvious for the last couple of years that Tony Romo was reaching the end of his professional football journey, due to his abundance of 'injuries' (he just got old and should have retired a long time ago.) The Dallas Cowboys were in dire need of a new, younger, more athletic QB to brush off the dust from their outdated offensive line. New meat gave the Cowboys an exciting 2016 performance. It also gave their fans this funny thing called hope, something they had forgotten about in the last 13 years with Romo. The cowboys realized their team had the talent and skills to be a competitive playoff team with this new offensive line they fell upon due to Romo's final last cry for the bench. So clearly I'd choose Dak for being the one under the most pressure. He showed his ability to be a leader and proved that he could run this team on his back to being superbowl contenders. Obviously theres small chirps from everyone saying "Lucky year" "Peak performance" "One hit wonder" meaning Dak has this season to prove it wasn't just his lucky year; he is a force to be reckoned with and has a lot to prove to his oh so loyal Cowboy fans that he can continue to play at this caliber for the years to come. 

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