It Wouldn't Be Fun If Everyone Agreed

April 19, 2017


I only started this blog yesterday and as you could expect I already have an abundance of messages from complete RANDOMS on how utterly absurd some of my calls were. These people were using some fighting words boy, nitpicked every little thing I had written. It would look as if I was trying to punish myself by reading every single comment, DM, email and message you brutally honest humans wrote to me. But, I took it as a learning experience for some, but majority of the comments I just took as plain old jealousy. Don’t get me wrong, it's not like I read someones hate and was like "Oh this person is so nice let me follow them, they really seem to know exactly what their twelve year old self is talking about." No, I definitely wanted to find out who some of these little kids who were commenting on my instagram picture parents were and give them a piece of my mind on how they should raise their next demand human but luckily my friend caught me in the nick of time and wrote “It wouldn't be fun if everyone agreed.” WELL GEEZ THAT’S SOME TRUTH HEY.


Could you imagine if we all agreed on Super Bowl calls, or how Lebron is so much better then Kobe or even The WNBA just being a waste of television space? There wouldn’t be any fan to fan competitive engagement or a need for sports talk shows. “You are right, the Dolphins are automatically the best NFL team EVER because they are the only ones to have a perfect season like a trillion years ago, The End.” WHAT?! Ew I’d rather watch golf or something then agree with that statement.


I find myself engaging more in conversations with people who have different views then I do. I say this because it's more interesting having a conversation with someone who forms their own opinion and can back up why they think that by using different stats or sports analyst to prove their point. Also it gives you two a chance to have a debate on something you both clearly are passionate about and therefore the conversation goes deeper and makes it more exciting for either of you to participate in hoping one wins over the others opinion. (Which never ever ever happens, but it's always fun to try.) It’s why we watch ESPN people, or even why we take time out of our days to read sports blogs just like this one. (To see what someone else is thinking on the subject.) 


Anyways thought I’d share that with everyone and hopefully it encourages you to stick by what you think rather then copying what everyone else believes or what your favorite sports commentator predicts. But like everything in life, you'll have a few wrong calls... like my uncle Eddie for example, thinking the Raiders are actually going to make it to the Super Bowl one day. Ha, I know... I laughed too.



Peace out my Cheescribers.  

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