Russel Westbrooks shoulders must be dying

April 20, 2017

I woke up this morning at 3am (London time) a little jetlagged and decided to check out ESPN. I was shocked to read that HOU took home the W last night, then as you could imagine the look on my face when I saw it was a 51 point game for Russel Westbrook. 


He was a lone soldier out there Wednesday night scoring a triple double, with 13 assist, 10 rebounds, and you're telling me this guy still had time to steal the ball 4 times?! Outrageous. Obviously people are going to be talking about Russ lighting up the stage but could you imagine if anyone on his team would have made even a THIRD of Westbrooks' stats... a third people, thats all the Thunder needed in order to win the game. 


I can't imagine the back problems Russel is going to have after this season ends with all that weight he's been carrying on his shoulders. You'd think come playoff time his team would step it up and actually look like they are playing on the same team as him.


I just hope for Russel's sake that someone shows up Saturday night to help a brother out! It's playoff time people, every team wants to bring home that win; no one is going back home without a fight. 


That is all, thank you Cheescribers. 




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