Jet Lag Kills

April 26, 2017


Here I go again, typing away on my computer at 3:15am due to my Jet lag... but this time it's in LA. I spent all morning trying to unlock a AT&T phone after I failed at finding interesting sports headlines for the past week. Like I said, hockey and baseball aren't my forte but I read and read till I found (dramatic pause) nothing, absolutely nothing.


Blah blah quick NHL recap- the aunt jemima maple leafs lost to Washington capitals who are the fan favorites to win the Stanley cup (every year, lol). That is because they are the number one seed going into the playoffs ranking wise, but have not advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals each time they've qualified for the playoffs since 2007. Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself and we can give these regular season champions a big gold cup this year!


As my boredom browsing continued I realized, why would I sit here and write about something I know absolutely nothing about, then I remembered 'Oh it's because the NFL draft isn't till tomorrow and the NBA first round playoff games are a bore- that explains it.' I was even contemplating doing a whole article on Derek Jeter putting in an offer for the Miami Marlins. But that came to a quick end when I googled him and pressed on a link which took me to a page full of him and his wife's (Hannah Jeter) wedding photos, which led to me pulling up her instagram and scrolling through her pictures because I find her to be the most stunning girl EVER (good score Jeter, I'd say that was better then getting a 7th game grand slam to win the World Series.) Ha ha moral to the story is baseball + cheese = not interested.


Saying that, I did find out a lot about Derek and now I realize why everyone makes SUCH a big deal over him. Yeah yeah I get it, he was amzingggggg. But way to put more stress on yourself Jeter! As if being a first time father isn't enough, you have to add on the stress of owning a franchise! Ironically, the last World Series the Marlins participated in was against the New York Yankees in 2004 . Clearly Jeter decided the ultimate revenge would be to one day buy the team (haha.)  


That's all for now my cheescribers, i'm off to bed.


Goodnight morning xoxoxo




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