Draft Day

May 14, 2017


A lot of you might have clicked this article thinking Cheezus was about to bless your brains with her late input on the NFL draft, well you are wrong. Although I thought this years draft was CRAZAYYY and had a lot surprises, i'm a little late to the party, sorry guys next year. Moving on-


I was on facetime with a friend of mine from back home and she said a comment that I didn't like very much. I guess I was complaining about how I couldn't be bothered doing a double workout or something and she goes "Oh if only we were all born beautiful." Um first of all I pay taxes, that should count for something. Second of all, I am not working out at this point because I want to I am doing it because it's my job to. 


And then DING went my brain. 


Every single model has gone through our version of "Draft Day." The average model is probably scouted between the ages of 13-16 where we are SHIPPED AWAY to a HUGE city where we enter these New York skyscrapers to meet this one person who might love everything about us or point out insecurities we will have for the rest of our lives (maybe not as dramatic but you get the point.) 


For athletes, you are given a full ride to the college of your choice where you have the privilege and opportunity to a free education and five star sporting facilities at your finger tips. Whereas for models, majority of us don't get the chance to go to college straight away and have to work in hopes one day we will land that huge contract (just like athletes turning professional.) 


There are plenty of similarities in both industries, models and athletes have to both keep up their reputation privately and publicly, train their asses off (literally for models) focus on their diets and perfect themselves in order to impress that NFL franchise (or client) to be what that team (or brand) is looking for. 


The draft similarities don't stop there. In both cases the player (or model) can't predict where or who's going to choose them. We can hope and wish for our top team (or agency) to sign us but might get stuck with our 5th pick in the end (or a team that will have to play in the cold starting October till the end of their season.) Also on both ends you have the people around you saying you should be signed to the BEST of the BEST because you are that stunning (in their eyes at least) and in the NFL draft you have sports commentators predicting your number in the draft but ending up being completely wrong because we can't know who's going to be the perfect fit for that team (or agency) at that particular day, year, or even moment. 


I personally thought the number one quarterback pick was going to be Deshaun Watson! The guy pulled off a win against the big (undefeated) BAMA. But the bears gave away the 'waste of space Jay' (lol I just made that up) to sign the one year QB from NC Mitchell Trubisky!!! I was shocked but thats my point. 


Everyone has and goes through their very own Draft Day, not one very different from the other. Just high heels instead of cleats thats all. 


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