July 19, 2017

sHarmony... what is that Cheezus? It's eHarmony but in person at Jillians soulcycle class. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES AND SPORTS LOVERS OUT THERE you NEED to check out Jillian's Manhattan beach class at 8:30am on Tuesday's. Lol no this is not a add people this is just cheese trying to make everyone workout LOL.


Let me explain-

It was a sunny Tuesday morning at The Point, Manhattan Beach where I was sippin' on my Americano with an extra shot at 7:45am. Per usual- I arrive 45 minutes early to get myself at least a little bit awake before getting my butt WHOOPED in a spin class. Anyways, I was sitting on the couch outside the studio sippin away and I looked to my left and there standing 6 foot 7 inches tall was Richard Jefferson. Yes people I yelled out "JEFFERSON" as if I went to primary, middle and highschool with the guy. He kinda looked at me a little funny but that was ok, I had a million point three questions to ask him. Maybe it was the extra shot in my Americano but my mind was RACINGGG. Don't worry people, I refrained and avoided all restraining orders that would have been filed on my a$$ and just said hi and went inside to set up my bike. It didn't mean I wasn't still curious though. The whole class I was wondering what was different about this year and last year playing on the Cavs? Also what he thought about the KD Curry matchup....Is LBJ worthy of continuing to be my favorite player? At the age of 37 how many more years do you think you have left in you? What the heck are you doing at soulcycle! Is this how you keep yourself in shape for the post season. Do you like Clevland? Is that where you want to finish your career? If not where do you want to finish your career... is it in LA where you were born and you love or is it Arizona where you grew up and went to school!  


I went inside and grabbed my disinfectant wipes to set up my bike and there again to my right sitting next to me was yet another sports enthusiast Omar Wilkes (SPORTS AGENT!!!!) The real life THE ROCK in ballers people. Haha, the questions I had for him too oh boy! The talent Omar represents are top notch and all I wanted to do again was ask him A MILLION AND THREE QUESTIONS ASWELL. 


It's crazy the sport powerhouses you can meet in just 45 minutes. Everyone who knows me knew it made my morning to be competing side by side with these two athletes. Oh... did I not tell you I am the most competitive person in the world? Yes I was competing with them. When they turned their resistance nob once I turned mine twice, when they didn't reach down for their water after a hard incline sprint NEITHER DID I. They didn't know it but it was Cheese against the entire NBA that morning. 


Haha all jokes aside! It's fun for me when I get these opportunities at the early stage of my career in sports to not have any pre-amped expectations for anything I say/ask or do with athletes/people in the sporting industry I meet. One day it'll be me sitting across a panel of athletes, sporting analyst, broadcasters, Veteran players spitting back and forth with these people about my opinions and statements everyday! Also just sports talk all day everyday is going to be cheeses dream come true! Being taken seriously and being looked at as a equal will be a huge thing aswell. The stigma behind my look, my job and my age will be a hard one to prove but i'm not just a blonde girl who likes sports. I have an opinion and passion for this. The future looks fun and I'm excited I get to document these times in the early stages of it with you guys!


That's all for now- till next soulcycle class <3




To Jill: prepare to pee yourself on how excited you'll be when there's at least 1 new cycler at your class because of this (LOL INSIDE SOULCYCLE JOKE) 




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