July 31, 2017

If you follow @lilbabycheezus (hehe that's me) on instagram you can probably tell that i'm currently ON VACATION!! Yeah yeah I know it looks like i'm always on vacation but this time it's a official vacay.


When traveling I find myself wanting to work out more then usual and craving those energetic endorphins I definitely get from doing so. It could be overwhelming though, not going to lie I was a lazy piece of provolone cheese for the last 3 days suffering from STUPID JETLAG. It hit me hard people, but that's ok I told myself to relax because I knew once I felt better I would RED PEPPER CRUSHHHHH IT.

I'm not saying if you do these workouts you are going to see some type of  miracle results. You have to put in the work, make healthy living a lifestyle rather than a phase.


I write these workouts up in the morning time for myself while sippin on a glorious Americano. Mostly to occupy that never stopping brain of mine. But I find peace in doing it, I'll start sharing more often. Sharing is caring except if its some of your salted caramel flavor, then sharing is not caring it's just torture. 

Love you always my Cheescribers, I hope you enjoy this workout the way I enjoyed my gelato last night... xx




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