Grandpa's Book Club

September 25, 2017

 OHHH shoots. Finally, just finally. Guys i'm sure you've realized I haven't been active on here at all and straight up it's because I haven't been inspired about anything ESPN has repeated 10 times a day. But today is the day!!! No I'm not going to talk about the whole NFL being lazy and just not feeling like standing up during the national anthem, or talk about who tweeted who this weekend cause WE GOT SOME REAL NEWS TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE. 




Melo Melo Melo, you did it. You've given us all a little pinch of excitement for this upcoming season. Personally thinking about the NBA for the last couple years hasn't phased me as much because the turnouts have all been the same. We all know Ayesha's man, daddy long legs and Drey-stfuAlready Green are going to win and make LBJ cry again. But now we have some season fillers till June!


Yes yes... I agree, it's maybe 3 years too late for Melo for this to be THE new trifecta but now Westbrook has some people on the paint that can shoot a ball and not just leave it up to him to do all the work this season! With Westbrook's athleticism defensively and offensively Melo's Jump shot and George's point average it's not like their games won't be fun to watch. Haha but on a real note, George is playing the best he's played averaging his highest percentage of points per game in his career and also having a Vet with the ability to play 30+ minutes each game will be huge for Westbrook. It'll give WB an opportunity to catch his breath and know they won't get 30 points scored on them while he's on the bench. Maybe 15... but not 30. 


Super exciting stuff guys, you will definitely be hearing more from me this upcoming sports season. Basketball is getting its mojo back, Redskins are looking like they actually want to play football, I threw a strike out at Wrigley field for the Cubs so I kinda feel apart of a MLB franchise. Good things to come folks, stay tuned <3


Thats all for now my cheesescribers, love you lots. Missed you.




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