October 3, 2017


Woah woah woah... HOLD UP HOLD UP. Can we take a second and put our hands together for the Redskins!!!! They are looking good baby, not just 'yeah she cute' good i'm talking, break your neck type of head turns good!


I'll admit, I didn't get a chance to watch the game last night even though I scheduled it in on my google calendar but life happens people so I woke up super early this morning and caught up on everything I missed. WHICH WAS A LOT. 


We had that game!! We looked as athletic and strong as the 'number one team' in the NFL this year. I even put on first take this morning and Steven A and Max said it themselves; the Washington Redskins are the biggest surprise this season. YAYYYY US. No but forrealz I was a little scared going into this season because we did lose a lot of our main players, Desean Jackson, Garcon... just to name a couple. Also to be honest i've never thought old man Kirk was a great franchise tag for us because since that one year with RG3 i've envisioned our team with an athletic Cam Newton type of QB. But butter my butt and call me a biscuit KIRKY IS LOOKING GOOD. Confident, sharp, dare devil like. I can shed a tear folks. 



Even though last night we played well, offensively i'm like DAYUMMMMM. But bottom line is we had too many defensive penalties and injuries. Also Doctson's incomplete catch killed our momentum and pretty much cost us the game in the 4th quarter with his incomplete catch. He should've cradled that ball as if it were his 3 month old child, but he hit the ground and the ball went flying out of his butterfingers. It's ok though because here I am blogging about my team 4 weeks into the season in a positive, excited and PROUD way. I'm just grateful that I don't have to give an explanation anymore on why and how i'm a skins fan because we are looking like a strong team! Possible threat if ya ask me. 



2018 SuperBowl champs? I won't get too carried away yet but let me tell you if that happens I'm going to be right there with them on that field giving my Cheese Take!


Lets go baby, take me to Minneapolis (LOL SAID NO ONE EVER.)  

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