Girl Talk? Excuse me.

November 17, 2017

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Do I have a BONE TO PICK WITH YOU DAD. 


Listen here Cheescribers. I was outside enjoying myself, catching some sun on this beautiful Friday afternoon and thought, "Hey why not call my dad see what that old fella is up to." So called my dad (@mcbaha1) and just started talking and talking about everything and anything. I think on average, my parents do not fail to at least ask "So Chaser, when are you posting your next blog?" "Hmm... been a while since you've posted a blog hasn't it?" "Still doing those blogs" YES gosh darn it I am let me breathe! Not to mention I've also been working on something to enhance the attraction I get to my blog. This weekend I'm going to start posting audio clips to my "Daily Cheese" Page located on the top of 


Anyways sidetracked 


AS I WAS SAYING. So of course my dad goes "Why don't you start something called girls talk? Like how you see the game." Um excuse me father? Girl talk? I am not stooping to that STEREOTYPICAL STATEMENT. I know you wanted a son but you didn't have to throw me a jab like that after 20 years. Geezlouise. 


I refuse to make a segment called girls talk because that's what I am trying to make our society steer away from. I am not going to be that woman in the middle of Steven A and Max on ESPN'S First Take who literally just sits there and intro's subject for the two of them to yack eachother's ear off the whole time. See I don't even know her name because she is that girl in the middle who the network is probably telling to not say much and let Steven A and Max do all the talking because no one really wants to hear what she thinks about it. Well true... one time she did start talking and I switched the channel BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT. 


I'm not going to classify myself as a "Female voice of sports" I want to be our generations voice for sports. Any gender, any age and anyone interested in what I HAVE TO SAY, not because I'm a female or male, but because I know my stuff and I have interesting takes on it.


I asked a question to my boyfriend and his friends who were all over watching the only exciting Thursday night game I've seen this season. I said "How many years do you think it'll take for there to be a female head coach in the NFL." I wasn't asking this for a debate, I was just genuinely curious on what they had to say about it because I know it's going to happen one day it's only a matter of time. Surprisingly their responses weren't meant for ill intent but they genuinely don't believe that's going to happen in our lifetime. Which is surprising but their reasoning behind it was "All NFL head coaches either grew up playing the game or went pro, how many females have you seen play football?" 


And then everything right there and then clicked.


Men who commentate about sports usually have some sort of background in it or people just assume they've played it before since they are a male. Is that why society says "Let's hear a female's point of view." OR is it because, woman themselves state "I have a female opinion on this play." If so this madness stops right here and now! We need to stop generalizing sports talk. It shouldn't be a male or females point of view, it should just be YOUR VIEW for whoever is interested in it, MALE OR FEMALE OR ANIMAL IDC. So society has to stop making this division between Female and Male sports talk. 


We need to eliminate the "Girl in the middle." That is SOOOO 2016. Come of sports world let's do better and stick with the times!


Listen to the person's opinion that you find different and interesting, don't just listen because it's a guy who played football once upon a time.


Anyways that's all cheescribers. For now lots of love. xx



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