What did I get myself into?

September 16, 2018

Well hello everyone, long time no talk. 


So cheese had this spontaneous idea the other day and told her agent she wants to.... RUN THE NYC MARATHON. November 4th is the day and I've been in the process of changing my regular workouts to marathon type of workouts. Not easy folks not easy. Also I have to change my diet a little. Turns out frozen grapes just doesn't cut it for the endurance training I'll be doing (laugh emoji.) 


I see a lot of comments about what workouts I do and questions about what I eat in a day so I thought I'd bring you guys along for the ride and let you know step by step everything I'll be doing and eating also how I'll be recovering in these next 2 months leading up to the marathon.


Yesterday I went on my first long run. Note to self: don't run outside in the middle of the day when its 80 degrees and also on a Saturday when everyone and their grandmother is out and about in NYC! But I did it, was it easy? Some of it but not all of it. Oh another note to self: BRING WATER YOU DUMB CHEESE. What was I trying to do dehydrate myself?! It was brutal guys, b.r.u.t.a.l. So this is kinda how it went.


Woke up went to my usual coffee shop and got my regular americano, then went home got dressed and was out the door! First 4.5 miles I split a 9:07 which is kinda fast for someone who was trying to sustain herself for her first ever 11 miles. Then I bumped into a couple obstacles when I reached Central Park and by obstacles I mean people and by people I mean thousands of them. I got frustrated at this point and when I reached 5 miles took my first walk to try and just get the heck out of there. I got overwhelmed by the amount of people who I kept having to dodge and almost tripped over a few kids. This isn't good, when running for such a long time you just need a clear head space and obviously a empty surrounding as well because it takes a lot out of your mental to think of other things happening around you and getting in the way of your full 11 mile potential. This is the moment when I decided to turn around and just start heading back downtown to finish off which at this point seemed like an unsatisfactory run. But turn that frown upside down cheese because it was smooth sailing on the way back. Unfortunately I think I took my first walk too early but I couldn't help it I literally had no place to run. Anyways so mentally I was over it, if I kept the jog up past the 5 miles I know it would have been easier to keep going with he positive attitude of "just keep running, just keep running." But instead it turned into my mind saying "are we there yet?" "How much longer" "it's hot out here I need water, how soon until I get to have water." 


I stopped at my 10 mile mark and decided to film myself, I know what you are thinking... Chase you only had 1 mile left just keep going. But it was hard guys at that point when your run has been so disrupted the last mile feels like the longest. Especially when you are running for a certain time you want to accomplish. I'll add the short video of a over exhausted de-hydrapdted looks to be aged cheese on my blog for you guys to see and laugh at my exhaustion! I Averaged a 9:17 for the total 11 miles so I was ok with that... Now maybe if I never stopped running I could have kept the 9:07 but I guess I'll have to wait for my next 11 miler to see if thats even possible. 


Music was a very crucial thing on my run, but listening to 67 songs is kind of hilarious to think about. 67 songs.... really who has 67 songs they like? I have about 5 pump up songs thats about it. My phone was in my pocket the entire time so I couldn't skip a slow song had to push through it. 


When I finally got home obviously the first thing I did was grab the biggest bottle of water I could find and chug it down... actually I washed my hands and face first then drank half a gallon. I added my propel electrolytes to my water and doubled up on those in hopes I could rehydrate myself faster. I rolled out my yoga matt and started stretching my hip flexors and most importantly my shoulder and neck because those were the two parts of my body irritating me the most on my run.


What food did I consume post run you may be wondering? Well funny enough when I got home and a hour after the run I wasn't hungry WHAT SO EVER. Even thinking about food seemed forced but I know from years of pushing your body to limits you need to give it something after such a hard workout. So I ended up ordering from this place called Dig Inn, my order: Side salad, grilled chicken, sweet potato, tomatoes and cauliflower; with tons of ketchup and hot sauce of course. I continued to stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent my body from aching an cramping up on me! 


Anyways day 1. Hope you enjoyed stay tuned for my next one xx 







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