Tbh this isn't going to be easy.

September 24, 2018

So today I slept in went to my usual coffee shop... got my usual Americano and actually saw the barista put two extra shots in it. Now we all know a americano usually comes with only two shots but this baby had four. I don't know if she thought I looked more tired than usual or I was a little less talkative this morning but anyways I saw her do it and thought to myself "Oh no here we go." 


The energy I had from my coffee I thought it would be good to burn off some of that in the gym. I set a goal to do a 6 mile tempo run meaning I was going to try and do my fastest 6 miler I've ever done. Turns out when I stepped on the treadmill my mind already was over it. I had NO MOTIVATION at all to complete 6 miles. Anything I told myself and tried to bribe myself with was not working today. Lets be honest I couldn't even complete 3 miles without wanting to walk. This has never happened to me before. Anyways moving forward I think what I'm going to do is instead of taking a full rest day after my long distance run and before my mid distance run I'll have to fill that up with a weight training workout or some sort of cross training; Barry's bootcamp or SLT. 


But this does not mean I have given up today! I will be doing a Cycling class for 45 minutes into 1 hour of abs and obliques at Dogpound after.


Moral of the story is we all go through these times, regardless of how prepared we feel and the best thing to do is just not give up. So I'm going to follow my own rules and not give up on my body or training today! Wish me luck.


Hope you guys are enjoying my struggles because I'm not (laughing emoji.)


The second half of my workouts went amazing, I was so proud of myself that I didn't give up on the rest of the day. I completed my soul cycle class and it felt easy peasy then headed over to the gym and did a full hour of upper body workouts. Was proud that I stayed with it and didn't give up. 


Keep at it guys! Don't give up just keep pushing yourself. You can do it, I can do it WE CAN DO IT! 


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