Old lady

October 1, 2018

I did it I did it I did it HOORAY. I went to bed Saturday night not knowing I was going to wake up and feel like taking on a 15 miler! I had good rest, coffee kicked in and I was having such a good Sunday morning and I thought to myself "Today is the day, lets do it! You feel good, you feel rested, you feel energized and most importantly you have the time today to tackle a 2 & a half hour run so why not do it." SO I did it. 


To say the least it turned out to be a very eventful treadmill run (laugh emoji.) It started off with me trying to focus on the tv for a good hour. Football was on, patriots vs dolphins. (I know what you are thinking and to answer your question I didn't know who I wanted to win out of those two.) Being my two least favorite teams because of their fans (dolphin fans: won't stop talking about their perfect season they had 40 years ago and Pat Fans: who are always use to being so good so they feel entitled 24/7.) I was just running and running hoping for a tie or something so nether team would win haha. Anyways mile 5 is when I started to realize my mind didn't really seem focused. I couldn't be bothered changing the speed and getting myself more into it, I was just cruising along hoping to be mindless for 2 more hours. Now looking back that is not the way to go. I will always start my long runs with atleast 6-10 miles of tempo meaning I change the speed every .50 .70 .80 then back down 6-10 times and cruise the next 3 and maybe do tempo the last 2. 


But no no no that was not the eventful part just you wait!!!


SOOO mile 5 I decided to quickly FaceTime my mom to say "Why did you put a long run in my mind now I have to do it." Just to make a few minutes go by a little faster since I didn't have a running partner and I find it hard to text and run. So I call my mom with my headphones on camera facing me obviously then all a sudden the woman next to me flipped a shit. Excuse my language but she did. She called me a stupid bxtch and commented on my running. She said "you aren't even a good runner and you run so slow." Telling me to get the F off my phone because she's a high profile person and can get me kicked out of the gym. Ok I've been to many gyms and everyone is always on their phone... I don't know when this became a rule? Anyways....how did I handle this you may ask? Well the cheese isn't the best with confrontation haha so I said calm down... will get off my phone now no need to freak out lady jall you had to do was just ask! Not a problem. But that wasn't the end of it. She jumped off her treadmill in such a fuss and brought over the manager who ended up taking my side anyways so kinda back fired on her... yeah so high profile and can get me kicked out? Nope she was the one about to be kicked out! He came over and we just discussed what happened, I told him he called me a vulgar name out of no where and he was as shocked as I was. You know maybe she was just having a bad day? Anyways he was walking away when the lady turned to me AGAIN (she was clearly just having a bad day) and said "You better respect your elders I'm old enough to be your grandma!" The manager turns around and said "ENOUGH ma'am do I have to move you?" I just looked at him and mouthed thank you. I honestly was saying nothing cheescribers I was in shock! Well did that keep me on my treadmill for the full 15 miles! She gave me the adrenaline I was missing. So thank you old lady. I'm upset I didn't say anything back but on the other hand I didn't want to start anything, or finish anything because I was already on mile 7 at that point and wanted to stay and see if I could do 15. She then paced around the gym for a couple minutes after then came back over to "apologize" look people I'm all about a good apology but this one was not genuine and also her actions were so attacking I actually felt scared. I waved her off and just got on with my run


This reminded me that there are still bullies in this world no matter ones age and anyone could be a victim to them and any stage of their lives! Who calls someone they don't even know names and comments on their running? That's bullying. Don't let people think they can do that to you and get the best of you. Im happy I stayed on my treadmill even though I felt victimized. Proved to her I didn't care about her opinions and that wasn't going to stop me from completing my goal!


We are all at different levels with our fitness and form, people like that aren't going to make us better, WE make us better. Don't let some mean old lady ruin your day. Push through and just know that they aren't happy with themselves thats why they are taking it out on you. It's nothing you or your running did, its them. Haters are going to hate its how you react that shows your character. 


That is all my cheesy's till next time <3 






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